Light has been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history. The true nature of light remains an elusive mystery…simultaneously apparent and veiled.

Artist Robilee Frederick’s work is infused with the eloquent language of light on so many levels. As a constant motif in her very prolific career, light has evolved from theme, subject and method to an absolute physical reality in her work.

“My work has an involvement with the mysteries of existence and memory. Using different textures and materials are paramount to me as I consider myself a process artist. Torches, candle flame, gun powder, coiled incense are ways I burn on canvas and Japanese tea paper. My layered paintings are sanded many times allowing the pentimento of veiled history to emerge. Everything I use offers me the means for personal reflection.”

Light Pieces

Artworks created on lightbox panels allowing two different states of display for viewing as lit (illuminated) or unlit (reflective).


Mixed media works on canvas, panels and other materials, various techniques including gunpowder and blow torch.


Exploring a variety of materials such as gut, drafting tissue, neon, argon gas and glass.